Cleandrill™ - 10/22 Cleaning Rod® Hole Drill

The Cleandrill™ Tool is designed to precisely drill a cleaning rod hole in the rear of a 10/22® rifle receiver in perfect alignment with the barrel centerline. Works for the standard 10/22 Long Rifle or the 10/22® .22 Magnum. A rear cleaning rod hole in a 10/22® rifle allows the use of a bore brush to thoroughly clean the bore of lead and powder fouling when necessary, without removing the barrel.

The tool consists of a high quality, USA made, ¼” high speed steel drill bit affixed to a 3/8” diameter steel drill bit extension, and a machined Delrin® drill guide bushing. The bushing fits snugly into the receiver’s barrel opening to precisely center the drill bit to insure the hole is lined up with the rifle bore.

The use of the tool requires that the barrel be removed from the receiver. The Delrin drill bushing is inserted into the receiver, then a drill motor is used to drill the clean out hole. Includes easy to follow instructions. Watch the video below and it will be a piece of cake for you to use the tool.

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