Brush n' Mop™ chamber tool

$10.95 each.

                   Brush loosens fouling

Mop wipes out debris

The Brush n' Mop™ Chamber Tool is very handy for loosening and removing chamber fouling from your Ruger 10/22, Remington 597, Marlin 60, and many other semi- auto and lever action rifles, and many .22 semi- auto pistols as well.

This little tool will keep your gun functioning at peek performance and promote better accuracy by keeping your chamber clean. One end has a Bronze Chamber brush to loosen up fouling, and the other end has a Bore Mop to wipe out residue loosened by the brush.

Tool is about 8" in length, with comfortable Delrin handle for easy gripping. Features a high quality  Brush and Mop. Easily fits in your Range Kit, or at your workbench.

$10.95 each.

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