Scrape n' Scrub™ cleaning tool 

Scraper Style

$9.95 each

Handcrafted from fine Stainless Steel wire and premium Brass Tubing! These little gems are just the ticket for cleaning inside hard to reach areas on all types of guns. About 6" long. One end is a "Baby Brush", the other a scraper. There are 3 different style scraper ends to choose from.


Goes where no other tool dares too!

Gets into tight spots to dig out the crud, and brush away dirt in all kinds of .22 rifles, pistols, Cowboy Six- guns, Lever Action Rifles, Semi -Autos, Revolvers, Bolt Actions, and Shotguns of all types. 

Especially great for removing / loosening Black Powder Fouling too!

Use Scraper end to dig out lead deposits and built up fouling from around revolver forcing cone / barrel shank areas. It also works great to clean out screw slots for dis-assembly. Use brush end to sweep out fouling particles, and loosen surface rust.

These are not a throw away item!

Brush bristles are renewable! Very easy to do. Just loosen brass crimp, & pull out 1/2" of new bristles; re-crimp brass, and cut off old bristles with SHARP tinsnips. Deburr with fine sandpaper. Will not harm bluing if properly de- burred. Re-sharpen scraper with a fine cut file.

Three styles are available. Original "Cowboy Action Style", Spearpoint Style, and Square Tube, Shovel Style.

Scraper Style

$9.95 each

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