SmithMaster™ - trigger spring tool for S&W® Revolvers.


Have you ever experienced a Smith and Wesson® trigger spring flying past your eyeball, on it's way to heaven know's where ? Or perhaps you've jammed a makeshift tool into your hand while trying to install a S&W®                                                                              trigger spring and rebound? Not a fun thing! Anyone who's worked on S&W's most likely has a memory or two of flying springs! 

The SmithMaster™ takes the worry out of changing S&W® Trigger springs. Works on all J,K,L, and N Frame revolvers.

The SmithMaster™ is a unique, double ended tool designed for easy, trouble free removal and installation of the S&W® rebound/triggerspring assembly. One end of the tool allows CONTROLLED REMOVAL of the rebound/trigger spring. 

The other end allows CONTROLLED INSTALLATION, the trickiest part of the whole operation. No more trigger springs flying out and getting lost! The Smithmaster™ completely controls the spring, for worry free installation. Great for routine maintenance, and trigger jobs; especially usefull for trying different weight aftermarket trigger return springs, for a lighter, smoother trigger pull.

Man sized Delrin main body/handle has deep "Gripper Grooves" for sure control. Removal and installation tool heads are hardened tool steel for long life, and are coated to prevent frame marring. Approx. 8" OAL. Very Thorough Instructions included.

Note: Actual tool may appear slightly different than these photo's.

It's the finest trigger spring tool ever made for S&W® Revolvers! 

There is nothing that compares to it!


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